Hi there!

Have you forgotten your password? If YES, then you are at the right place.

If you are unable to remember your password, you can easily request to reset it. 

To reset your password, please follow these steps in order to successfully create a new one.

1. Go to the applicant login page by clicking on the "Login" button on the applicant welcome page.

2. On the login page, click on "Reset it"; just below the spaces provided for Username and Password.

3. On the pop-up page, enter the "email address" associated with your account.

4. Click on the "Reset" button to receive a reset password link in your email inbox.

5. In an email received from no-reply@safapply.com, click on the "Reset Your Password" button.

6. Enter your "new password and confirm it" in the fields provided.

7. Click on the "Change Password" button.

You did it! Your password reset has been successful.