Wondering how to manage your payment activities, check transaction status and query transactions? Below is a quick run through of how:

  • Tap on transactions by the left side of your portal.

  • Input the payment RRR or your email in the search bar- this will pop the transaction history of the applicant

  • You can query that transaction by checking the transaction status using the three dotted action button to view details of the transaction

Note: You can filter by status or platform to narrow down your report.


This feature enables you to export/download transaction report. To export,

  • Tap on export on the right side if the portal

  • Select the application type, status, transaction start and end date

  • Tap generate and download.

 see image below:

There you go! your data is ready.

Query multiple transactions

  • Tap query multiple transactions

  • Select the timeframe you want to query

  • Tap query