While creating your courses, you have the opinion of uploading courses or creating manually on the portal. So we will tag them Option A and B in this article.

Option A (Uploading courses)

This is the fasted way to get your courses up on the portal but first you need to follow the steps below:

  • Tap courses by the right side of your portal

  • Select download course template

  • After the template has been downloaded, carefully fill the form 

  • Select upload course

  • Select browse file

This automatically takes you to your device, select the course template already filled

  • Click on map excel files

  • Map header from file with system field

  • Click review to see if file is okay to upload

  • Select process

Option B (Create Course)

  • Tap course by the right side of your portal

  • Click on create course

  • Input the course code, course title, year of duration (optional), department and course overview. See image below:

Please check the box under the course title to input the duration for the course.

Also note that the course overview is a detailed description of the course. This includes, entry requirements, career, fees etc)