This enables you to create and customise your application however you want it from the title to timeframe, course/subjects, workflow, e.t.c. Please follow the steps below:

  • Select “application on the left side of your portal”

  • Input the application name and title. 

  • Select other required fields as customised in your application groups

  • Select next

  • Select the workflow process you would like to use for the application

  • Are there fees for this application? If yes, Check the box

  • Input the title of fees and cost of the application

  • Select the account which payments will be remitted 

  • Set your application time frames. and be sure to check if there is late payment timeframe and payment

  • Select the application form for this application

Note: You can use different forms for two different applications.

  • Select who can apply to the application (Everyone or only uploaded candidates)

Note: You can restrict application to only uploaded candidates or open to all candidates that wants to apply

  • Select courses for this application. (Courses already created will automatically pop as options)

  • Next, then preview application to make sure everything is well structured and no mistakes

  • Next page gives you the option to make the application published or not. If you check the box, the application and all the application information will be made public and available to apply within the application timeframe. If you uncheck the box, your application will be saved as draft.