Step 1

Use the link 

Step 2

Select a course ; This page shows you variety of courses available in your choice University. Carefully go through them and select your choice course. 

Step 3

Click on “detail” to view the requirement ( registration fee, course duration)

The "detail" feature enables you to view the course requirements, registration fee, course duration.

Step 4

Click on Apply

Step 5

Fill the new applicant account information. Make sure all the information needed here is carefully and correctly filled.

Step 5

An activation code is sent to your email.

Step 6

Yes! You are doing great. You are almost done.

Just Impute the activation code in the required field. Then Confirm.

Step 2

You will get a notification that shows “Registration successful and your account has been activated.

There you go! You have successfully applied for your choice course. We wish you the very best.