To activate or deactivate a user on SAFAPPLY, please do follow the steps below.

Step 1

Go to the SAFAPPLY admin login page.

Step 2

Type in the username and password in the required fields and click on Login.



Step 3

After logging in, click on “Manage Users” on the menu bar.

Step 4

Click on the “ellipsis icon” in the “Action” column of the user you wish to activate or deactivate.

Step 5

There would be a dropdown, where you should click on “Activate User” or “Deactivate User” as the case maybe. When the user is active, you only have the option to deactivate user and likewise when the user is inactive, you can only see activate user.

Step 6

There would be an “Activate User” or “Deactivate User” pop-up page. Now you can confirm your action by clicking on the “Yes, activate” or “Yes, deactivate” button as the case maybe.

You have successfully activated/deactivated this user.