There are two ways you can find a course;

  1. By using the search filter
  2. By scrolling through the course list

NOTE; The portal's look and feel will vary depending on the organization however, the process of using the portal will be very similar.

To search for a course by scrolling through the course list, follow these steps;

1. On the application portal, "click" on the bouncing round icon with an arrow it's center.

2. "Click" on the Application title on the left to view available courses.

3. Using the alphabet boxes, "filter" by the first letter of a course.

To search for a course using the search filter, follow these steps;

1. "Enter" your course of choice in the search field.

2. After entering your course of choice, click on the "Search button" to view the filter results.

3. For a more detailed search, the applicant can click on the "drop-down button".

4. Click on the "drop-down icon" to narrow down your search by departments, duration and more. 

5. Click on the "calendar icon" to  narrow down your search by application timeline.

6. Click on the "filter" button to view results based on your selections.

7. For more details on your course of choice, click on the "More Information" button beside your course.