To upload a course on SAFAPPLY, please do follow the steps below.

Step 1

Go to the SAFAPPLY admin login page.

Step 2

Type in the username and password in the required fields (a) and click on Login (b).



Step 3

After logging in, click on “Manage Courses” on the menu bar.


Step 4

Click on “Upload Course” in the “Manage Courses” page.

Step 5

There would be a pop-up showing the steps needed in order to successfully upload courses. After going through these steps, click on “upload”.

Step 6

Here, you would be required to upload the file (i.e., the courses you added on the template). To do that, you can drag and drop the file in the space provided or browse file. 

Step 7

Upload and click on “Map File”.

Step 8

Next, you map the system fields with your file headers, as shown below.

After mapping, click on the “Review” button.


Step 9

In the review page, you would see courses that have been processed successfully and the ones that fail. If any course fails, you can review and easily amend this. in the row labeled for review and amendment.

Click on “Import Successful Courses” to upload.

Courses have been uploaded successfully.