My account has been debited but my payment shows as "pending", how can I resolve this?

My account has been debited but my payment shows as "pending", how can I resolve this?

This issue is more common with payments via the Remita payment platform, there are several reason why your payment status will show as pending:

Problem 1:
1. The payment was debited from your account, the Remita system is notified but there was a network connection problem before SAFApply (the online application system) is notified of the status.

Solution 1:

1. Login to your account 

2. Click on the Transactions tab

3. It will show you the status of the transaction, click on "try again" to retrieve the most recent status of your transaction.

4. If after updating, the status changes to success, you can proceed to continue your application by clicking the "All, applications" tab and continuing the application process

Problem 2:

You made payment at the bank branch but the bank branch has not updated the Remita system with the status of your payment.

Solution 2:

Try the steps outlined in solution one, if it still shows pending, contact your bank to find out if they have posted the transaction and then repeat the steps in solution 1.

Problem 3: 

You initiated payment but did not complete the transaction, in this case your account will not be debited

Apply again and complete your payments.

If you have tried this and are still  not successful or are experiencing a different problem, you can contact the school via the phone numbers at the bottom of the page or by filling out a support request form by clicking the "New support Ticket" explaining the problem and attaching a screenshots of the problem in the ticket.

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